Easy Ways to Prepare Your Home for Sale

When trying to sell your home, you want to do everything possible to sell it fast at the price you prefer. Luck has little to do with this, because you can plan carefully and make the necessary preparations to spruce up your home and attract buyers. There is no need to put in a new bathroom or kitchen; this could just be an expensive mistake. Here are easy ways you can effectively prepare your home for sale.

1. Disassociate. It might be difficult to let go of your home, especially if you have lived in it for a long time, but this is the first thing you should do. Think about the reason you are selling it; probably it’s become too small for your growing family or too far from a new place of work. Whatever it is, think of your property as a product that can be sold. Happy times remain in your memory and you can always create new happy memories when you move to your new property.

2. Depersonalise. Start packing framed photos or family heirlooms. Buyers like to imagine their own photos on the walls. Pack things you are not using on a regular basis, remove books from shelves, and clean kitchen counters. You can also put important items you are still using in a box that can be kept inside a cupboard when not in use, out of sight during viewings.

3. Declutter. Start throwing away items you have not used for a year or so. Rearrange closets and cabinets. Imagine how a potential buyer will feel seeing beautifully clean and organised cabinets. Make sure dishes are neatly stacked, shirts are hung together, and shoes lined up.

4. Rent storage. One good option for freeing up some space in your home is to rent storage for furniture and other seasonal belongings. This way, you can decorate the rooms easily and make them look larger. Leave essential furniture that will emphasise the purpose of a room.

5. Repair. Do some minor repairs. Replace broken tiles or burned out bulbs, patch holes, fix leaking taps or damaged doorknobs. Consider repainting using neutral colours.

6. Clean. Now is the time to do your best to clean your house and make it sparkle. You can ask for assistance, as it might take a whole day. Rent a pressure washer to clean exterior walls and paths. Clean away cobwebs, wash the windows, clean the bath and sinks, and polish mirrors. Maintain cleanliness by vacuuming daily. Put new rugs, dust furniture and hang new towels.

Make home preparation fun by taking it as a chance to breathe new life into your house. Make sure potential buyers will be happy to live in your home. From the outside, check every detail of the property and see whether it needs cleaning, repairing or discarding. A pleasant home will surely make Internet estate agents excited to offer it to buyers.