How to beat the train fare rises

VIDEO: Kate Palmer reports from London’s Victoria Station to make clear how rail passengers can act now to steer clear of the 2015 ticket price tag rises

Commuters will face an even greater bill to get into function in 2015, with next year’s rail rises expected to rise by as a lot as 5.6pc on some lines.

The fare enhance is set to get impact from January. Ticket rates will rise in line with inflation – with the fare enhance capped at three.5pc on regular (1pc over the RPI inflation figure for July 2014).

But some travellers will be left worse off. Train firms are permitted to increase specific fares by a further 2pc as lengthy as their overall fares preserve to the inflation price tag cap.

Act now to steer clear of costly rail fares. Consumer reporter Kate Palmer went to London Victoria station to give her leading 4 ideas on how to beat the ticket price hikes and cut the expense of rail travel.

There is a baffling combine of fares across various rail routes – with some journeys costing far more in contrast with other journeys of a equivalent distance. Discover out more by visiting our map: in which low-cost residence costs meet inexpensive train lines.

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