Kids’ Race Car Bed


Bedtime can be very difficult for most children. Many parents do not like that time of the night when they try to get their kid to go to bed. Why not give your kid an incentive to help make this process much easier. Every child likes race cars and they would certainly love to have a bed in the shape of a race car.

Race cars beds are the perfect playground for creative children. Parents love these beds as well since their kids no longer need a lot of coaxing in order for them to go to sleep. The beds make kids sleep well, have less nightmares and all these means better quality sleep for parents too.

A great number of these beds have sporty shaped bodies, but on the inside, after all, it is still a bed. Car bed’s body frames, such as the real McCoy, are slightly low in height. Normally, the mattress is almost at the same level as the sides of the frame, thereby leaving little or no bed sides to stop kids from falling over. Some parents recommend removing the box spring so as to lower the sleeping area such that the sides of the bed become raised instead.

Other concerned parents have, however, turned to installing bed rails on these beds so as to prevent their kids from injuring themselves. However, kids often resist the installation of these rails because they break the general design of the bed. Luckily, not all rails are incompatible with these race car beds. Actually, most of these rails can be modified to become race car bed friendly.

Many race car beds for kids have amusing stickers, very bright colors and actual hubcap and wheel detailing, a feature all young boys will love. Parents will like the bed’s heavy-duty plastic and round edges making it able to withstand the kid’s adventures.

Even though some of these beds are very small for growing kids, many come in double sizes that can perfectly fit an average-sized teenager. Some of these beds can be a little bit costly. Therefore, remember to do to compare the prices online and ensure you get the best deal. Check out the bed for any sharp points or places that could cut your kid. Ensure the material is durable and best suited for the rough world of your child. In the end, your kid will love bedtime. It will be an event that he or she will look forward to at the end of a wonderful day.