Martin Lewis: how to get the best exchange rates for the pound on vacation

Holiday shopping can incur its own set of costs and charges. Observe this video to get the very best worth out of your travel cash

1 of the most convenient techniques to invest when travelling is to use plastic. But your Uk credit or debit card abroad can incur hefty fees and loaded exchange rates when employed in foreign nations.

The quite worst for this are what Martin Lewis calls the “debit cards from hell”. These include debit cards from Lloyds, NatWest, Santander, Halifax and RBS which charge you an extra charge each time you spend – up to £1.50.

View our video to locate out how to keep away from these added fees, and for a lot more tips on how to save income when spending abroad – which includes how to uncover the ideal exchange charges on foreign currency and how to get the least expensive deal in neighborhood banks and stores.

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