Taste Test: does Coca Cola Existence taste better than standard Coke?

Harry Wallop requires to the streets of Victoria to see what individuals make of the new Coca Cola Lifestyle which has roughly half the sugar content of the original.

Coca-Cola has launched its first significant new Cola in nearly a decade: Coke Lifestyle. It comes in a green can, with a tiny leaf logo, and promises to be much more healthy than standard Coke.

A 330ml can has 89 calories – a third significantly less than the 129 found in standard Coke. That is simply because, alongside sugar, it is also uses stevia leaf extract from the stevia plant. This naturally extremely sweet plant includes zero calories. The business hopes that many shoppers will not be ready to tell the difference in between “green Coke” and normal Coke.

James Quincey at Coca-Cola Europe says: “With Coca-Cola Lifestyle, we have innovated to offer customers with a new choice with fewer calories. It complements our present brand names and is effectively-positioned to meet shifting life style trends, supplying individuals with a fantastic-tasting, decrease calorie cola sweetened from all-natural sources.”

The business seems to brush over the truth that the sugar utilised in normal Coke in the United kingdom is derived from both cane sugar or sugar beet — the two all-natural sources, grown in fields.

Also, Coke Life regardless of getting reduced calories nonetheless consists of 22g of sugar — a quarter of an adult’s advisable every day allowance.

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The Agencieshit the streets of central London to uncover out whether or not buyers could inform Coca-Cola Existence from normal Coca-Cola, and which drink they preferred. In all, almost thirty men and women undertook the taste check, with the vast majority, especially regular Coke shoppers, capable to spot they were different drinks.

Observe the video to locate out which they preferred and what they manufactured of Coke Daily life.