What is the cheapest way to send £100 abroad?

Inquire an specialist: Banking institutions charge about £25 to send £100 to Australia. We reveal the more affordable choices to send money overseas


My wife and I give cash (£100) to each and every of our grandchildren by standing purchase every single Christmas and birthday. Nonetheless our latest grandson lives in Australia and my financial institution (Yorkshire) will charge £24 per transaction! Please could you advise the ideal way to accomplish our goal.


“1 of the first guidelines of transferring cash overseas is steer clear of your financial institution,” said James Daley of Fairer Finance. “They tend to provide you a poor exchange charge and charge high costs.”

Nevertheless, there are now a quantity of other expense efficient methods of obtaining small sums overseas.

A fairly new entrant into the market place is peer to peer platform Transferwise. “They offer you the market place fee for the currency into which you’re searching to transfer, and add a transparent fee on prime,” said Mr Daley.

Transferwise expenses a nominal flat fee on smaller amounts and a percentage price above a specified threshold. To send sterling to Australian bucks, the charge is a £1 flat charge on transfers up to £200 and .5pc above that amount.

This means that in this situation, Transferwise looks like the most affordable alternative. The cost of sending A$ 200 is £110.18 (see table below). The cash should arrive inside four working days and Transferwise is authorised by the Financial Carry out Authority, which signifies any cash you send is stored separate from company accounts and will be returned to you if the company goes bankrupt.

Other global income transfer companies such as FairFX and Travelex also offer you aggressive prices, but they have a greater minimal transfer quantities, starting at £300.

Western Union also does on the web transfers. It gives a less aggressive exchange charge but does not charge a charge. This implies that it can be the most economical for very modest sums – say £25.

An additional option is Paypal. They get a reduce on the exchange rate and include a charge, but can nevertheless be quite aggressive on micro transfers of up to £50.

“Lastly, you might contemplate arming your grandson with a Travelex money passport card, which you can load up on the internet or above the cellphone,” stated Mr Daley. “Travelex takes its lower on the exchange rate – so again, it’s more affordable than Transferwise for modest sums, but not for greater ones.”


Expense of A$ 200



Travelex pre-paid card


Western Union


Paypal (bank account)


Paypal (debit/credit)


Supply: Fairer Finance. Figures appropriate as of 16.07.2014

If a company loses your income for the duration of the transfer, you have the proper to complain to the Financial Ombudsman Support. The ombudsman will investigate the matter and can force the business to repay the funds if necessary.

If you do want to stick with a bank for transfers, the most affordable alternative is Bank of Scotland, which also isn’t going to have a month-to-month fee or need minimum funding (see record of transfer charges for bank accounts beneath).

“As prolonged as there is some funds inside of the account to cover charges, this would be a great account to send payments abroad,” explained Rachel Springall of Moneyfacts.

On the web payments will cost £9.50 and phone or in branch transactions will value £19.50.

Ms Springall stated it was essential to examine expenses upfront, since financial institution costs vary dependent on exactly where the income is getting sent and when you want it to arrive.

“As an illustration Barclays expenses selection from £15 to £40 based on in which you send your income and how quickly you require it to reach the other account,” she mentioned.

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Source: Moneyfacts

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