‘Which is the most affordable prepaid card for my Turkey holiday?’

Request an specialist: ‘I have also heard sterling is a far better currency on the streets than Turkish Lira).

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We are going on vacation to Turkey in a handful of weeks. I am preparing on making use of a Halifax Clarity credit score card for purchases (meals out, perhaps the last hotel bill), I am also taking some funds but not too considerably for the apparent causes.

I would like to get a prepaid card so I can get money from an ATM when required. What is the ideal card to get and in what currency? I have heard that a sterling card is best and that you can also draw sterling from a Turkish ATM (sterling is supposed to be a better currency on the streets than Turkish Lira).

SH, via email

Halifax’s Clarity credit card is definitely the greatest choice of credit card to take abroad. Credit score cards are not an recommended way to make purchases and withdraw income while on holiday as their charges are higher. But Halifax has no charge for purchases or withdrawals from ATMs.

Similarly, Metro Bank’s credit score card is charge-free of charge for all spending and withdrawals inside Europe. Remember to clear the bill every single month to steer clear of paying out curiosity.

Nick Trend, the buyer suggestions expert for AgenciesTravel, mentioned: “As prolonged as you spend off your bill every month and so really do not incur curiosity charges, making use of the proper credit card is most likely to be the least expensive, most flexible and safest way to pay out for items whilst travelling.”

Simply because Halifax’s Clarity card is free of charge when withdrawing from an ATM, I would recommend SH use the card for all spending in Turkey. Andrew Hagger of research site Moneycomms.co.uk agreed. “If you withdraw £200 currency equivalent, the curiosity charge with a Halifax Clarity credit card operates out at £2.16 if you repay it following 30 days from date of withdrawal (cheaper if you clear it sooner), whereas the best sterling prepaid cards would price you much more than this,” he explained.

If you take out a prepaid card as a backup, FairFX and CaxtonFX offer the ideal deals. The primary prepaid card suppliers do not permit you to pre-load with Turkish lira, so SH will have to get a sterling card. Most suppliers will offer a euro card, US dollar card or “anywhere else” card – which you load with sterling lbs, which are then immediately converted to the neighborhood currency at the provider’s exchange fee.

The FairFX Anyplace card or CaxtonFX Worldwide Traveller would be best. CaxtonFX does not charge for ATM withdrawals abroad, but expenses a 1pc foreign-exchange charge transaction charge. FairFX fees £1 for every withdrawal and a 1.4pc transaction charge but the exchange costs are greater.

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